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Customize Communication and Elevate Brands

We support our clients from inception to completion, ensuring our commitment contributes significantly to the success of their solutions.

EHCÜ (/ˈeh-koo/) Marketing Agency

EHCÜ (/ˈeh-koo/) Marketing Agency consists of innovative marketing experts dedicated to crafting consumer engagement strategies, developing media plans, creating content, and managing publicity for our clients.

Poal Stivan

Design Integration Specialist

Joey Sawayn

Forward Marketing Specialist

Martin Alovn

Data Integration Specialist

Graphics design, Print media and BRanding

Website Development​ and SEO

EHCÜ collaborates with sectors like economic development, retail marketing, technology, health, hospitality, and more, targeting niche and influential audiences.

Marketing Strategies and Social Media

Fresh Ideas

We provide services such as public relations, branding and design, investor relations, social media management, event management, website development, search engine optimization and business marketing consulting. To generate the biggest buzz and media attention for our client and partners.

Unique Designs

At EHCÜ our team is devoted to creating innovative, organic, local, national, traditional and social media strategies for our clients brands, services and products. We have been recognized as a fresh, urban and content-driven firm with intimate ties to a forward thinking consumer community. We are partners of organizations in economic development, retail marketing, technology, health, hospitality and much more. We are members of niche and influential audiences.

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