Innovative Agriculture Summit to Empower Black Farmers: Launch Grow Win

DALLAS, TX – August 16, 2023 – The University of North Texas in Dallas will host the “Launch Grow Win: Agriculture Legacy Summit” on August 26, an event poised to reshape the future of sustainable agriculture and economic empowerment for Black farmers. The event will commence at 8 AM.

This groundbreaking summit is designed to bring the underexplored topics of wealth creation, climate-smart agriculture, and legacy building to the forefront. It provides a unique opportunity for attendees to bridge the knowledge gap, enabling Black farmers to fully comprehend and leverage these concepts to their advantage.

The event aims to empower the community to adapt and thrive in an era marked by economic and climate change, ultimately revealing the ‘what’ behind the ‘why’. By attending, participants will play an active role in facilitating connections, fostering understanding, and helping to unravel the complexities of wealth generation and sustainable farming.

We’re incredibly excited to bring this summit to our community,” says P. Wade Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers/CBO. “Black farmers have long been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, but the discussions around wealth creation and legacy building in this context are not as prominent as they should be. This event aims to change that narrative.

The event will feature keynotes from renowned industry experts, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, and a chance to showcase and discuss innovative solutions in the agricultural sector. The attendees will leave with actionable insights and strategies they can immediately implement in their farming practices.

We’re extending a special invitation to all Black farmers, agribusiness owners, agricultural enthusiasts, and allies to join us for this pivotal event. Let’s join hands to redefine agriculture’s future and create a sustainable and prosperous legacy.

Book your spot at the “Launch Grow Win: Agriculture Legacy Summit” today and become part of this empowering journey.

For more information, visit our event page website at or follow us on @BlackFarmersCBO social media for updates.


About Texas Small Farmers and Ranchers CBO
Texas Small Farmers and Ranchers CBO was established to be a “Point of Contact” and liaison within the Black American farmers and ranchers community. Since its inception and to date has provided effective outreach of at least 1 to 4 outreach events monthly to more than 400 Black American farmer and rancher operations in 54 counties in East and Central Texas resulting in an expanding list of small farmers, ranchers, public and private sector associates and affiliates that participate in and support the organization’s mission, activities, goals and projects.

About Launch-Grow-Win: Agriculture Legacy Summit
The Launch Grow Win: Agriculture Legacy Summit presented by Texas Small Farmers and Ranchers CBO is a transformative event designed to empower Black farmers through discussions on wealth creation, climate-smart agriculture, and legacy building. It aims to facilitate a knowledge transfer, foster a greater understanding, and enable Black farmers to adapt and thrive in today’s changing agricultural landscape.

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