Tuition-Free Preparatory School to Open Fall 2020

Tuition-Free Preparatory School to Open Fall 2020

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Jan. 6, 2020 — San Antonio Preparatory Charter School, a tuition-free public charter school, is currently enrolling students in fifth through seventh grades residing in Judson, Converse, Kirby,TX and surrounding areas for classes starting August 2020.

In its first year, the college prep charter school will enroll approximately 360 students. Each year, SA Prep will expand a grade level until it becomes a fully enrolled middle and high school, serving grades 5 through 12. At full capacity, the school will accommodate 1,000 scholars on a 10-acre open campus.

“Our vision is to place all students on a path to college and we take that responsibility very seriously. The pathway to success begins at an early age and it’s absolutely imperative that our future parents know that we’re in this together. SA Prep is committed to partnering with them to prepare their children for life after graduation.”

Dejah Behnke, Chairwoman of the board for SA Prep

SA Prep’s mission is to provide students with a safe, challenging, and supportive learning environment, high-quality instruction and rigorous college prep curriculum that places students on the path to college.

“The core purpose for bringing SA Prep to the area is because we felt this community needed us the most.” says Stephanie Hall Powell, Executive Director and Superintendent for SA Prep, “While we would never attempt to take the place of mom or dad, during the school day, SA Prep teachers and staff will address students as though they are their own.  It’s only when you put yourself in a parent’s shoes that you can relate to and truly understand how to meet the needs of their child.”

SA Prep has identified that only 37% of students in the service area are meeting grade level standards in math, and only 35% are meeting grade level standards in reading. To combat this issue SA Prep anticipates that it will better provide for middle and high school students by implementing groundbreaking principles – including a two-teacher model.

Applications went live on November 1, families with incoming 5th, 6th, and 7th graders are encouraged to apply by visiting For general inquiries please contact the SA Prep Enrollment Team at or call (210) 874-2182.


San Antonio Preparatory Charter School provides college preparatory education through high quality instruction and rigorous curriculum in a challenging and supportive learning environment, ensuring all students in grades 5 through 12 graduate college and succeed in the careers of their choice.  San Antonio Prep believes that all students should be immersed in their culture, learn about their identity, engage in the community, and build strong relationships with others.