Community First Health Plans Launches Get Your Flu Shot! Campaign

Community First Health Plans Launches Get Your Flu Shot! Campaign

SAN ANTONIO – Dec. 8, 2020 — Community First Health Plans, the only locally owned and managed, non-profit health plan in San Antonio, launches operation ‘Get Your Flu Shot’. The Community First Get Your Flu Shot campaign hopes to educate and encourage the public on the benefits of getting the Flu Vaccine, access to free or low-cost flu shots and why it’s especially important during the pandemic.

Community First will educate the public through postcards, newsletters, social media posts, website landing page, educational posters (hand washing and vaccines), educational coloring sheets (masks and social distancing), hand washing animation cartoon, face mask decorating contest and much more.

“It is much easier to use prevention to stay healthy than to have to treat an illness once you are already sick.” says Dr. Priti Mody-Bailey’s, Chief Medical Officer at Community First Health Plans, “It is important to do what we can to avoid getting sick, whether it be the flu, a cold, or even COVID, for our own health and wellbeing.”

Even amid the pandemic, getting a flu shot is easy. Members of the public have the ability to get a flu shot almost anywhere. From doctors’ offices (for Children under 7) to your local grocery store such as HEB or Target, almost everyone should get them. Flu shots are safe and effective for most people, including pregnant women and babies over 6 months. Community First Health Plans members receive an additional benefit from free to reduced cost flu shots.

In addition to getting the flu vaccine, Community First Health Plans recommends that the San Antonio community protect themselves and others from the flu and COVID-19. By following CDC health guidelines such as maintaining a distance of 6 ft, wearing a mask, washing hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, cleaning high-touch objects and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth, we can do our part to slow the spread.

Doctors’ offices have measures in place to help minimize the spread of the Flu and COVID-19. Talk with your doctor to learn more about what they are doing to keep you and your family safe during your visit.

Community First Health Plans (CFHP) was established in 1995, by the University Health, specifically to begin providing health care coverage to the citizens of Bexar and the surrounding seven counties. As the only locally owned and managed, non-profit health plan in the area, our commitment to our members is to provide great health care benefits backed by outstanding service, delivered by people who live right here in South Texas. Our goal is to make San Antonio have more successful health outcomes by putting the community first. Learn more at